Vomiting Green Bile After Surgery – Is it a Cause for Concern?

Vomiting green bile after surgery can add just one more complication at a time when a person can hardly be said to be at their best.

Adding vomiting to your list of aches and pains at this point almost just seems cruel!

Vomiting After Surgery – What Causes It?

Years ago people were allowed to remain in hospital for a few days of observation after almost any surgery. Doing so made sense but that is rarely ever the case anymore since many procedures are now performed on a same day surgery basis that sees the patient discharged just a few hours after waking up once surgery is over.

Sometimes vomiting after surgery is not a cause for concern as some people simply do not react very well to anesthetic.

That there would be some amount of bile in that vomit also makes sense as patients have usually eaten nothing for a number of hours prior to surgery so bile may be all there is in their stomach.

Vomiting large amounts of green bile after surgery may be a cause for concern though,whatever the surgery is that a patient happens to have undergone.

In any case it is not a symptom that should be ignored and a call should be placed to the surgeon – the surgeon, not the patient’s regular doctor – right away.

Vomiting Green Bile After Gallbladder Surgery

Removing the gallbladder changes the way a patient’s body deals with bile forever. When the gallbladder is intact it is the organ where bile is stored until it is needed to help digest a meal.

Once it is removed then bile is secreted directly from the liver to the stomach.

This is quite an adjustment for the body to make and sometimes if too much bile is released too quickly vomiting may occur. Often this is harmless and merely a sign that the body is adjusting but a patient should still inform their surgeon right away so that any other complications can be ruled out.

Some people do still have occasional problems with bile and vomiting bile long after their gallbladder is removed, often as a reaction to eating certain foods.

If this happens frequently it is an issue that needs to be discussed with a doctor and dietary changes may have to be made.

Vomiting Green Bile After Other Surgeries

If vomiting bile occurs after any surgery that has involved the stomach the surgeon should be called – and the patient may even want to head to the emergency room – as that may be a sign of an obstruction, a rare complication after surgery but one that is known to occur sometimes.

Recovering from any surgery is a process and the fact that most of the time patients are asked to cope at home these days makes it a little harder. The rule of thumb should be that if anything seems out of the ordinary the surgeon should be contacted right away.

They are mandated to have cover at all times so there should always be someone available to talk to about vomiting green bile after surgery or any other complications.

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